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Dear Prospective Bride and Groom,

Congratulations on your engagement! We know this is an especially exciting time for you, your family & friends. Hopefully all of your plans are going smoothly.

After months of planning the most important event of your life, you expect the atmosphere for your wedding reception to be perfect. Think about the weddings you have been to in the past. Was it the food that kept you there? Did you stay because of how good the cake tasted? Chances are it was the entertainment that kept you at the reception and made the evening memorable. A great entertainer makes an ok event a great event! Imagine how much better the photos and video will look if the party is energized and the guests are involved and enjoying themselves. A wonderful wedding reception happens by design and planning.

When selecting a DJ service, several things should be considered. Price alone should never be the sole determining factor for success. Experience, reputation, professionalism, and customer satisfaction play a large part in selecting a quality DJ service. Whether or not you choose Sullivan Productions for your reception, we want you to make an informed decision when choosing your disc jockey.

You can rest assured that every little detail of your reception will be handled with great care. From announcing the wedding party to motivating your guests to the dance floor, you can depend on our professionalism. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and there are no replays.

In addition to helping you plan the entertainment at the reception, we will also help coordinate with your photographer and videographer. This means taking care of all the details of “what comes next” and to make sure that important events are not overlooked, so that you and your family may enjoy the night.

Please look at the video production services that we offer.  Video production has become a passion of mine and every wedding is unique and great to edit.

So call or email us today and we will help you plan the perfect reception!

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